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Towing advice - towing a rolling chassis with a stock EB


Red Head Grease Monkey
Jan 23, 2002
Stockton, CA
I need to pick up the rolling chassis shown below.

I have a bumper with tow bar that I can attach to the front frame rails. The bumper weighs 90 pounds.

I have a bone stock '67 Bronco with 289 and manual drum brakes. The previous long time owner added a bumper mounted hitch that he used to tow around a small utility trailer.

The springs on the rolling chassis are believed to be 2" lift springs which would put the chassis frame above the frame of the '67 (tow bar on the bumper would slope down to the ball on the '67 hitch).

If I install a known good used manual steering box and drag link on the rolling chassis, can it safely be towed 150 miles over mountain roads with the stock EB and bumper mounted hitch or am I asking for trouble?

I've flat towed EBs before with a friend's 3/4 ton diesel Dodge Ram and frame mounted hitch, but I no longer have access to that truck. Using the '67 would be the cheapest and easiest solution, but like any rational person, I'd rather spend more money to rent something in the interest of safety if this seems like a bad idea.

Many of you here on the board have a lot more towing experience than I do. Seeking knowledgeable input.

In addition to the photo of the rolling chassis I need to move, I've also included a photo of the bumper mounted hitch on the '67. The hitch is bolted to the frame using the two lower bumper mounting points and three more bolts directly to the bumper in between the lower frame mounting points.


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Grease Monkey
Jun 11, 2007
Ridgefield WA

I can't see how you could legally tow a bare chassis. Is it heavy enough to need tow brakes? Wouldn't it need fenders? How about a license and registration?​

I've rented a U-haul for stuff like that, and it didn't cost that much. as long as you return it to the place you picked it up.


Full Member
Jun 20, 2016
Butte county
That chassis is light probably no problem towing, the problem i see is it will bounce with no shocks and spring rate being high with no weight on them. that can be hard on the tow vehicle hitch. A full size truck not a problem or just down the road a few miles with your 67 would be ok. But 110 miles is a long way in my eyes.


Just a Bronco driver for over 50 yrs!
Jul 31, 2001
How fast do you have to go?

I have towed EB's with EB's and no problem. Do NOT go fast and you'll be fine. Wish my pics of it were easy to dig up for ya with drum brakes, 289, toploader 4 spd over a mtn pass.

Anyway, set it up properly, tow safe and slow and you should be good. Does your State require brakes on your towed vehicle? If so, rent a car trailer and use it. I've done it this way too. Didn't have trailer brakes either time.

1970 Palmer

Full Member
Mar 2, 2020
Having a dampener in the form of a steering box and steering shock will be important to keep it from flopping back and forth after a sharp turn. The light weight is not in your advantage. Also. be careful if you have to tow it across any smooth surface like a polished gas station driveway because the front wheels will plow like a farm tractor.

You will need some towing lights, and you need some kind of a license plate for the vehicle.

With some advanced thought, I think you will be fine. Keep the speed down, 55 or under.


Bronco Guru
Jun 29, 2016
Hi, if you can't rent a U Haul trailer, how about a tow dolly? And put some rear shocks on the frame. Good luck


Total hack
Jun 4, 2002
Steer axle will be an issue. Without weight the frame will be sitting high. Caster will be negative and it won't track. The tires will want to turn to one side or the other while going straight. The added lift just makes it worse.

And I have talked to a guy who towed a bare chassis cross country and into Canada. It was a later model IFS truck and didn't have the caster issue that a Bronco chassis has. But it can be done (and legally no less), he did have a set of dealer plates for a couple of the states that might actually care.

In short, no you are not going to be safely flat towing that for 150 miles. Tow dolly or a trailer.


Sr. Member
May 4, 2004
Raleigh, NC
Rent a truck and car hauler to make this trip

Lots of reasons:
Distance - lots can go wrong on towed or tow vehicle over that distance and a tow is going to quickly outpace rental fee for truck and trailer
Safety - low tow rating with drum brakes on tow vehicle
Peace of mind - low out of pocket for comfort and convenience


Sr. Member
Sep 11, 2007
Fremont, CA
I need to pick up the rolling chassis shown below....
Hi Justin,
Let me know where you need it, and when. I've got my mega cab Cummins and 18 foot dovetail flatbed car hauler. If you can wait until the WH swap meet, I can drive it to Lodi. You don't want to flat tow a chassis without a license plate on it. That's an easy ticket for CHP.

Just buy my fuel...


New Member
May 16, 2005
Thats a lot of faith to put in that hitch. Too much chance of something going wrong and damaging both vehicles. A tire could blow, the trailer could get squirrelly, or you may need to stop very quickly. A rental truck and trailer is a lot cheaper and safer than repairing your bronco. Your wallet won't know the difference after a couple of months and it looks like you are getting ready to spend a lot of money anyway.