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What's My Bronco Worth?

Socal Tom

Bronco Guru
Feb 12, 2004
San Diego, CA
There are two ways to figure this out what your EB is worth.

The first is a “sum of the parts” calculation. Your Bronco is worth what you could get for selling the used parts. I’ve made some estimates below that you can use to determine what your Bronco “might’ be worth under these circumstances.
The other way to do it is to look at what comparable Broncos are selling for today. Check The autotrader and recycler, as well as the Broncos for sale here at ClassicBroncos.com to see what people are listing their Broncos for. Keep in mind, that the more you want for your Bronco, the longer you should plan on waiting for a buyer.

If you have a beat up $500 Bronco, there are lots of people that have $500 they can risk on buying a piece of junk. If you have a $15000 show rig, it will take a while to find someone willing and ABLE to pay the price.

Generally speaking, more people will pay for a clean rig, than for a built off road rig. If you put a good paint job on it you might get back all you paid for it. If you put a atlas transfer case in it, you probably won’t. Your buyer may be someone who doesn’t even know how to lock the hubs, so the won’t care about the atlas. If you build a trail rig, then the parts will probably sell for more than the whole thing. The 10 or 15K you have invested in parts, for a beat up EB just won’t fly off the shelf very fast. The Monster garage EB was on Ebay for 25K last time I checked and it had not bidders, and the parts are worth more than that.

In my experience, the year of the EB doesn’t matter as much as the features, the 76 and 77 had the most features, so they tend to be worth more by default.

Sum of the parts calculation
EB Value Totals
$2000 – Starting value
Hard Top +$250
Hard Doors +$500
Soft Top +$400( -100 per year in service)
Soft Doors +$200( -100 per year in service)
6cyl $0
V8 Add $700
Less than 10K miles Add $500
Less than 50K Add $300
Not Smog Legal Subtract $500
EFI Add $700
C4 Add $500
4 speed Manual Add $500
Overdrive Transmission Add $1000

Dana 44 Add $500
Front Discs Add $500
Power Brakes Add $350
Rear Discs Add $350
Power Steering Add $500
Roll Bar Add $200
6pt Cage Add $400
Family Cage Add $600
Detroit Locker Add $300 each
ARB Add $400 each
Lock rite etc Add $150 each
Upgraded Shocks Add $100
Body Delete up to $2000
Paint Add up to $1000

Good Luck,
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Oct 16, 2019
it's been a month or two since this was posted. Do you have an updated version of this?