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Ford Bronco Parts - Classic Vintage Early Bronco Parts

1984-1991 F150/F250 Steering Column Swap

Posted by Revelation in Interior, Steering on March 22nd, 2010 |  8 Comments »

Tech article by Bryan Key (Revelation)

ATTENTION: I am in the middle of doing this swap on a stock Bronco. One MAJOR change; the instructions for the bracket will not work. You must fabricate your own bracket.  And it can be done with the dash in BUT would be best done with the dash out. Pay attention to the location of the gauge cluster as it poses clearance issues.

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Explorer 5.0 Serpentine Accessory Drive Belt Conversion

Posted by MarsChariot in Engine on March 21st, 2010 |  46 Comments »

Tech article by  Larry Crumpler (MarsChariot), Phil Lindenmuth (Viperwolf1), Casey Nicholas (needabronco), Jake Norton (recoiljunky), Todd Zuercher (toddz69) and Randy Silbaugh (ransil)

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Early Bronco Driver Side Kick Panel

Posted by BroncoWanted in - Sheet Metal, Body on December 16th, 2009 |  2 Comments »

Tech article by BroncoWanted

WARNING: I claim no responsibility for kick panels made using this tech article that do not fit properly.  As with any 30+ year old vehicle the craftsmanship and original construction varies from vehicle to vehicle.  Please be aware of this and make the necessary measurements for your particular Bronco.

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C4 Valve body service and modifications

Posted by BwoncoHowie in - Automatic on August 21st, 2009 |  3 Comments »

Tech article by BwoncoHowie

The purpose of this article is to explain and cover some basic info about do it yourself C-4 Valve body service. The actual valve body is from a 1974 Bronco, therefore the illustrations may differ slightly from what you may be working on.  If you are inexperienced as a mechanic, perhaps you should get help when performing the steps shown below. It is recommended that you read the entire article first so you may prepare all the tools and materials as well as a clean work environment. After reading through the article first, you can then make notes on where your valve body may need attention. Some steps that are performed later may be mentioned early in the article in order to save time and computer space. VB is referring to Valve Body.

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Fabricate Twin Stick Shifters for an Early Ford Bronco

Posted by taipeichris in Transfer Case on August 4th, 2009 |  1 Comment »

Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)

Since I’ve owned my 1966 Bronco it never got past 3rd gear for years and I drive the freeways in Los Angeles all the time.

Finally I collected the parts to install my new NV3550 and a twin-stick shifter I purchased made for an early Bronco.

The problem simply was the twin-stick shifter wasn’t designed with the offset of a NV3550 in mind. With the mounting bracket of the twin-sticks, the bracket supplied by Advanced Adapters, and the height of the shifters I could see it wouldn’t work.

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How to rebuild a Koenig PTO

Posted by glass76 in Transfer Case on April 27th, 2009 |  1 Comment »

Tech article by Scott Hagler (glass76)

To make things much easier first go the website of the Lonestar Early Bronco Club. Go to TECH, INFORMATION, KOENIG WINCH INFO. Print off a copy of the PTO EXPLODED VIEW. I will refer to and give you a cross reference of some of the numbers on this exploded view of the pto.

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On-Board Air – York 210 compressor

Posted by gi_phil in Engine on February 28th, 2009 |  5 Comments »

Tech article by gi_phil

This write-up summarizes how I put on-board air into my 1971 Bronco. I have a 3.5” suspension lift, a 2” body lift, and enjoy wheeling. Having on-board air is not only a nice benefit to airing up and down tires but could also come in handy for a variety of other uses (i.e. any air tools, nail guns etc.) Deciding on the proper system for your application is always the hardest part. I searched the internet and found all kinds of articles on how to do it – except for the installation on an early Bronco.

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Liberty Electric Fan for your Early Bronco

Posted by Viperwolf1 in - Cooling, Electrical on February 28th, 2009 |  3 Comments »

Tech article by Viperwolf1

While gathering parts for my 5.0 EFI install I happened across a two speed electric fan from a 2004 Jeep Liberty, part number 55037669AE. This Liberty did not have the towing package. With the towing package the Liberty will have a different electric and a mechanical fan. The shape looked simple enough to make fitment easy and the depth was only about 4 ½” which was as short as I have seen any others. Read the rest of this article »

Plug-in Trailer Harness

Posted by Viperwolf1 in Electrical on January 31st, 2009 |  10 Comments »

Tech article by Viperwolf1

Many modern vehicles with trailer towing capability have dealer or aftermarket support for trailer harnesses that simply plug in to the vehicle’s factory wiring harness. Early Broncos do not. However the factory Bronco harness has the advantage of simplicity of design. After examining the taillight harness it became clear that a plug-in trailer harness would be a piece of cake to build.

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Aussie Locker in a Dana 44 – Review & Install

Posted by admin in - Lockers, Axles on January 15th, 2009 |  7 Comments »

Product Review and Install into a Dana 44 –

Product Review by Jon Hanna (Admin) Read the rest of this article »