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Recent content by lilthom

  1. lilthom

    How about a Super Celebration Wisconsin parts/sale/swap thread?

    Well, this thread didn't really catch fire, did it. I will have a stock front drive shaft with me, a stock air cleaner and boxes of miscellaneous stuff. Look for the 2021 Rapid Red Badlands with Wisconsin plates, a black spare tire cover and Rockslider steps. My stuff is always priced right...
  2. lilthom

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    Sounds like you got your new Bronco. You are going to have to amend your signature block stating that you are still waiting.
  3. lilthom

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    I just met another 21 rapid red across a four way stop intersection. I pointed, smiled and waved as he went by and all I got was eye contact. C’mon, at least a nod.
  4. lilthom

    Chopped, slammed, bagged, tubbed, lowered floors, 418 w/blower, 6r80, 1/2 cab, Bronco Hot Rod

    There's a reason this guy's last name is Sharp. See what I did there? ;)
  5. lilthom

    Action Packed OCBR Registration Photos

    Thanks for the reminder, Alan. I have to get mine headed out to Christine.
  6. lilthom

    Yellow EB in Pinedale Wyoming

    Yep, that's the one.
  7. lilthom

    Yellow EB in Pinedale Wyoming

    It’s going to be there a long time if that’s his price. I just drove by but even in this crazy market I wouldn’t pay more than $15k.
  8. lilthom

    Yellow EB in Pinedale Wyoming

    I deserved that comment.
  9. lilthom

    Yellow EB in Pinedale Wyoming

    I spotted what looked to be an original about 10 miles north of Pinedale for sale. My wife wouldn’t let me turn around to check it out. It was in a line up along the fence line on highway 191 with several other old Fords. Anyone know the particulars on this one? It’s pretty remote out there...
  10. lilthom

    MO My grandson is looking for a 1996 Bronco as his daily driver.

    Anyone have one they want to sell or have a lead on one? I'm pretty sure he expects grandpa to get involved $$$$.
  11. lilthom

    MO Allen Diagnostic Station- vintage and it all works

    If you so ever opt to sell it, touch base with me. I may need something to do in retirement.
  12. lilthom

    Ladys modeling Broncos

    The seat looks like it would be extremely cushy.
  13. lilthom

    How about a Super Celebration Wisconsin parts/sale/swap thread?

    I can bring some items for both the Early Broncos and the new ones. I will make up a list to post with pictures later. You can't have a bunch of Bronco fanatics gather without parts to sell/trade. What have you got?
  14. lilthom

    Lost my prime?

    I switched to the smaller pulley which meant taking the pump out to work on it on the work bench. Once it was all back together with a lot of turning and patience it is working. It’s still a mystery to me just what the issue was. Sorry I couldn’t give you better direction.
  15. lilthom

    2022 Super Cel East Pic Thread

    Which Broncos did you and Mudd have out there, Dave?