Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)

How to straighten a bent factory rear or front bumper with the bumper still installed.

Tools Required:
  • 1 pair safety glasses
  • 1 pair leather gloves
  • 1 medium hand held sledge hammer
  • 2 medium c-clamps
  • 2 large c-clamps
  • 1 Five foot or longer metal bar (4x4, 2x4, c-channel) whatever you have available
  • 1 Three foot long or longer breaker pipe/bar
  • 1 medium sized wood box or milk crate
  • 1 wheel chuck or 1 big rock
  • 2 wood blocks/shims


Before... After...

Basically you are going to attach your big metal bar with the medium c-clamps and give your bumper the heave-ho it needs to get it straight.
Note: This will scratch chrome or painted surfaces.

1. Park in the shade on a level spot with enough space to work and not damage other parked cars.

2. Apply the parking brake, put it in gear and chock your wheels.

3. Place your milk crate next to the bent bumper where the bigger metal bar can balance while you install the medium size c-clamps. (My larger c-clamps wouldn’t fit under the body, behind the shackles) I needed to use several wooden blocks to raise the bar to the correct height.

4. Align the end of your larger metal bar before the bend in the bumper and clamp firmly.

5. Carefully PULL on the far end of your larger metal bar and slowly start straightening your bumper. Take your time and don’t make jerking movements (it will SPRING BACK), pull firmly, adjust the c-clamps as needed.
NOTE: There is a good chance the clamps will slip lose or the bar will SPRING BACK at you. Therefore I prefer pulling versus pushing on the bar, this will lessen the chances of the bar springing back at you.

6. If your bumper has a kink in it you may need to massage it flat with your sledge hammer.

7. My bumper also had a twist too. I attached my 3 foot breaker bar to the larger metal bar with the large c-clamps to untwist my bumper.

8. When reaching the desired result you may need to loosen and realign your rear bumper as needed.


Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)