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Recent content by orygunbou71

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    Wet Sounds Sound Bar Under Dash

    How did you mount it to the bottom of the dash??
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    OR Rebuilt Dana 44 Front Axle Complete less than 500 miles on rebuild

    I have a freshly rebuilt Early Bronco low pinion Dana 44 up for sale. It has disc brakes, 30 spline chrome moly shafts with 760x spicer joints. Warn premium hubs. Yukon master rebuild kit with bearings and seals. Yukon 5.13 ring and pinion. ARB air locker. Arb heavy-duty diff cover. New ball...
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    Tbp mag 44 hp housing??

    I called them up and they said $2550.00 plus shipping and a month lead time.
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    Tbp mag 44 hp housing??

    Yes you can
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    Tbp mag 44 hp housing??

    Hi all I'm wanting to go with a bronco width hp dana 44 up front for front driveline and caster issues. My question is should I go with a complete full width and narrow it down and use all components from it?? Or should I buy the tbp mag 44 housing only from Tom's bronco parts? Keeping in mind i...
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    NV4500 clutch pedal/arm/throw adjustment

    I have nv4500 using stock linkage at bellhousing. I do have adjustable linkage from pedal to frame mounted bracket. Using centerforce clutch as well. No issues here. Maybe need the adjustable rod like I have from pedal to frame.
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    OR Trail doors!

    Hey all looking for a used set of trail doors preferably close by to Oregon. Willing to pay shipping for the right deal. Or come pick them up. Thanks!
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    Currie antirock sway bar on front?

    Hey anyone run a currie antirock sway bar up front with long arms and coils?
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    Anybody ever run a Jeep jk steering box on their bronco.

    Alright. Dont burn me at the stake! Anybody ever run a Jeep jk steering box on their bronco. They look very identical and in the jk world there are tons of steering gear options! Including ported boxes for hydro assist. Just curious if they are at all compatible??
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    SOLD Complete Bronco drivetrain

    Hey i did sell everything but still have 1rear driveline available. Im not on classic broncos very often sorry for the delayed response. I will get you measurements this weekend on the collapsed length.
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    installing atlas II with NV4500 already in the bronco

    Hi all probably a dumb question but I'm getting ready to install a nv4500 and an atlas II into my bronco. I already have all the transmission parts to do the swap but my atlas is still 3 weeks out. I thought about installing the nv4500 into the bronco then mating the Atlas II to it when i get...
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    SOLD Complete Bronco drivetrain

    Drivelines are setup for 3.5in suspension lift.
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    SOLD Complete Bronco drivetrain

    Up for sale i have NP435 with adapter kit for dana 20 transfer case, Centerforce Dual friction Clutch disc, Dana 20 transfer case with Advanced Adapters heavy-duty output shaft. 2 Rear spicer drivelines, 1 front Driveline. Wild horses 4x4 gearbanger shifter, Toms Bronco Parts stainless steel...
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    SOLD Tom's Bronco parts power steering kit

    Brand new Tom's bronco parts power steering kit. Comes with Saginaw pump, bracket, steering box, steering shaft coupler and all hoses and hardware. Great way to save some money and get a new in box kit. Shipping not included...