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Recent content by Scoop

  1. Scoop

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    I've had several jeeps as daily drivers - from a stock TJ to a nicely modded Rubicon Recon. I happily waved back when waved to and I would sometimes initiate the wave to other modded jeeps that looked like they actually went off road. Sometimes my wife would initiate the wave from the...
  2. Scoop

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    Or First On Race Day!
  3. Scoop

    Spare tire holder alteration

    Love the dead bug in the speedo! LOL
  4. Scoop

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    Already doing this. Called "Buck, Buck, Bronco" (as opposed to "Duck, Duck, Jeep"). See reply #18.
  5. Scoop

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    I would wave. Sometimes I've waved from my Raptor! But I'm not doing "Buck, Buck, Bronco".
  6. Scoop

    When is too little not enough?

    We have a 74 Ranger that has been in the family since new. We have intentionally put minimal miles on it over the past 5+ years to keep the mileage low. It now has about 65K. The last 2 years is it has essentially been in storage covered in a family garage. We are saving it to hand down to...
  7. Scoop

    Another new guy

    Nice frame! How will you register it with no VIN on the frame?
  8. Scoop

    Could you get dealer option fender flares like this back in `76 ?

    Odd that whoever did it applied the Ranger stripes differently on each side behind the rear wheel wells. I see that the intent was to go around the lower spare tire carrier hinge - that's not how Ford put the stripes around the hinge. Nicely done but I agree with most comments - not likely...
  9. Scoop

    What to do with the ashtray?

    I cut out both the ash tray and the speaker grille and installed the Painless fuse box in it's place. Very easy access to fuses now. I covered the new hole with a '66 Roadster speaker grille cover.
  10. Scoop

    Tom's off-road parts catalog

    Hot Damn! I made the catalog!! Page 239 . . . Lunar Green one . . . third one back . . . A magnifying glass might help!
  11. Scoop

    Custom Autosound Undercover II Speakers Install

    Does the rear seat vibrate with the bass up? Might be interesting to sit in the back!
  12. Scoop

    Ferrari V-8 348 in a Bronco ?

    It would get more respect than an LS!!
  13. Scoop

    1974 bronco ranger

    Remove the rubber floor mats and look for heel wear on the carpet pad. That will be another clue.
  14. Scoop

    1974 bronco ranger

    Looks nice but I would question the 14,000 original miles. That front driver seat has to have way more than that on it. Here's my 74 Ranger front seat with 60,000 miles.
  15. Scoop

    anyone know who makes these doors?

    Those are nice! Molded plastic?