Tech article by jerry74explorer

To re-attach the main door glass to the channel which lifts the glass you will need a piece of rubber hose cut to the length of the channel (I used 3/8” fuel line), a pair of scissors, an extra pair of hands and some liquid soap. Take the channel and remove the old rubber gasket, a torch is handy to burn the hardened rubber out, and wire brush the channel as clean as possible. Take the rubber hose and cut it straight down the center. Cut it twice so that you remove a 1/8” section (see pic #1.)


I used the words printed on the side of the hose as a guide to keep the cut straight. Now clean the glass and the inside of the hose with a good glass cleaner or degreaser so that the glass and the hose “stick” to one another. Next slide the hose onto the glass centered between the edges (see pic #2.)


Liberally apply the liquid soap to the outside of the rubber hose and pour some into the channel. Pour enough to make it really slippery otherwise you risk breaking the glass, but try not to get any in-between the hose and the glass. Get your buddy to hold the glass upside down so that you can press the channel onto the glass. Make sure that before you press the channel on you have it centered because it is difficult if not impossible to adjust it once it is set (see pic #3.)


The channel narrows at the top so that once the rubber and the glass are pressed in the rubber expands to keep the glass in place. Insert the finished window back into the door and you're done.

Note: This works best with the window glass removed from the door.