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Recent content by AZ73

  1. AZ73

    50 Cal mounted on 900 HP Bronco

    See the video here.
  2. AZ73

    Early Bronco Sightings

    Parked at a building in Scottsdale between Costco and the Post office.
  3. AZ73

    Early Bronco Sightings

    Parked at Franks Repair shop Laguna Beach CA last couple of days.
  4. AZ73

    PA Slammed 1969

    The slammed 1969 comes up for auction on Bring a Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-ford-bronco-115/
  5. AZ73

    Early Bronco Sightings

    Parked at Miguel's on Van Buren in Woodcrest CA about 1:30pm today. Happen to be in town visiting. Wife went to get lunch and snapped these.
  6. AZ73

    Official Bronco Sighting Thread - TV or Movies

    New Top Gun movie trailer
  7. AZ73

    Aftermarket Oil Pan Clearance Issue

    I had the same problem, for a slightly different reason - my replacement motor mounts were larger than my originals. I ground down the motor mounts.
  8. AZ73

    Internally adjustable driver side mirror

    Yes. A little sanding and some paint. It looks new. You saved me! Thanks again!
  9. AZ73

    Internally adjustable driver side mirror

    Almost all late 60's early 70's Ford remote mirrors will "fit". The problem is all of them are tiny compared to the factory Bronco mirror. I believe a late 60's F100 remote mirror is of similar size. My Bronco mirror was damaged. I purchased a repo early mustang mirror to strip for parts...
  10. AZ73

    Early Bronco Sightings

    Scottsdale AZ, 3:30pm Outside the Subway at Via Linda and Frank Lloyd Wright.
  11. AZ73

    Should I mount the door post/A pillars without the front clip?

    I mounted mine without the front clip/aprons, etc. The aprons are what attach to the kick panels and they have lots of ability to move around for adjustment. I would double check the holes for the fender screws by holding up the fender on the door post with the door on to make sure they line...
  12. AZ73

    Light Bar Wiring

    I ran my switch through an aux wire on my painless harness and I have a Bussman fuse block with a 100 amp fuse for my 3G alt on the apron that I connected the light bar power to. My battery only has the main + and - wire on it.
  13. AZ73

    Rear Body Mounts Issue

    Lower the tank 1" and change out the mounts. I don't believe the rear mounts have an affect on the doors. Just the mounts in the foot well and under the seat. But anyone else think it does?
  14. AZ73

    Roll With It?

    awfully close. I'd shave the edge of the tire unless you think you'll never articulate that much when driving. Or at least put a larger bump stop in.
  15. AZ73

    Engine replacement

    Contact ASC Bronco in Venice. They do this all day long. https://classicbroncosasc.com/