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Recent content by bax

  1. bax

    Clutch bracket to roller motor (no hole)

    Thank you Todd. That is what I was looking for. Happy day.
  2. bax

    Clutch bracket to roller motor (no hole)

    Looking at mocking up the 5.0 to the ax15. The roller motor is missing the bolt hole that the clutch bracket bolts to. Is there an aftermarket fix for this? Little help pretty please. Bax
  3. bax

    AX15 / Explorer EFI diff gearing suggestions

    I ran 4.11 with your set up. (33'' tires) It worked well but I felt it was just a little under geared for around town. I went to 4.56 and am much happier. Interstate is just fine and I pretty much just 1 to 1 in town. The 4.30 is not enough change from 4.11 to really see any difference.
  4. bax

    CA C4 dana 20 adapter

    I have several. What are they worth?
  5. bax

    Break-in after rebuild.. Oh the issues are a plenty

    well that looks exciting. could of been much worse.
  6. bax

    Maybe time to part out

    Shit that's a good one. I got three here that are way worse. You are lucky.
  7. bax

    SOLD I need a pair of F150 knuckles and caliper brackets

    I think I found a set . Thanks
  8. bax

    Anyone that has done ax-15 swap ??

    standard bronco v8 clutch and pressure plate... However the center force clutch and pressure plate is a good upgrade. The kit comes with the clutch disk
  9. bax

    SOLD I need a pair of F150 knuckles and caliper brackets

    Are they f150 knuckles or early bronco knuckles?
  10. bax

    SOLD Bulkhead + Half Cab Top + Recovered Bench Seat - Trade for full top and seats

    I have a good full top with all the chrome trim. I would do that trade, however we are a good distance from each other..
  11. bax

    SOLD I need a pair of F150 knuckles and caliper brackets

    I am building up another front axle and am missing these parts.
  12. bax

    Bailie Bilt Cage

    I have some radius arms that color?
  13. bax

    9" ls vs true trac vs detroit

    I agree with the experts above. I ran a Detroit Locker and took it out and replaced it with a true trak. I got better street traction and less "excitement" on the street.
  14. bax

    Duff HD Lower Coil Spring Retainers

    2 holes is all I have ever seen. One in the arm and one in the head unit. You are correct, they are marked passenger and driver.
  15. bax

    Dana 44 disk brake conversion question

    yes they will but they will be 8 lug. Not sure if you can change out to a 5 lug hub with this or not.