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Recent content by bigmuddy

  1. bigmuddy

    Sliding Ragtop Sale

    I ordered the 40x70 as well. I have been sitting on it waiting on my rig to be repainted. Good tips on the install! Tim, could you post a couple of pics of your rig and slider please.
  2. bigmuddy

    New sliding side windows from Tom's

    I want a set for my rig. Reamers were nice but the original potential price compared to the actual price was way way to high for my blood. Keep me in the loop please.
  3. bigmuddy

    Parchment sport mat

    Got it. Had to ask. Alot of people say its original or original to the truck.
  4. bigmuddy

    CA Ford Bronco 9" Big Bearing Rear, Disk Brakes, 31 Spline, ARB Loker, 4.88 Gears

    Wow that seems quite low for pricing.. Great price, I wish I was near you I would jump on it.
  5. bigmuddy

    MO complete 4r70w transmission with t case

    I have a used stock 4r70w with T case from and explorer 5.0 Ran and drove when pulled. low mileage car but has been sitting under cover for a few years at my shop. Has dipstick and tube as well as stock converter that comes with it.
  6. bigmuddy

    new frame purchase

    Check out Kincer chassis if you want to see some nice frames..
  7. bigmuddy

    Parchment sport mat

    Playing devils advocate: How do you know this was OEM? I don't recall ever seeing one that looked like that.
  8. bigmuddy

    CA Looking For Hard Top Sliding Windows

    Yes and they looked quite nice, but the price was ridiculous IMO.
  9. bigmuddy

    SOLD New QuietRide Firewall Insulation Kit

    I will take it if its still available.
  10. bigmuddy

    Are Bronco prices finally getting soft?

    I don't think its the bronco market that is softening but rather people needing money after spending to much, and inflation making an impact. Those people are more eager to let things go at a more favorable price IMO. Its a cycle....
  11. bigmuddy

    408 & Vintage Air/BCB AC install

    Sorry man, I just responded. Haven't been on here much lately.
  12. bigmuddy

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    Lots of discussion on the G6 facebook forums on waving or what type of jeep wave can we come up with, and oh what can we do similar to leaving ducks on broncos!? Jeebus! Make it stop please, I will wave at any rig that strikes my fancy, but leave the jeep bullshit with the jeeps please... So...
  13. bigmuddy

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    While I do agree, I don't think they give to shits about the old ones as they in no way can relate to the rust and the lack of parts over the years we had to put up with..
  14. bigmuddy

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    I don't know and I do not want to know what that even means....
  15. bigmuddy

    Spray or not to spray?

    I just did the same with raptor and the insulating beads.. As you stated, its not near thick enough to hide repairs