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Recent content by triracer67

  1. triracer67

    Tailgate guts

    I purchased a new tailgate and getting ready to swap with old. What does it take to swap the tailgate handle and locks? Picture or video sure would help…
  2. triracer67

    Track bar bushing replacement

    Thanks Paul!
  3. triracer67

    Track bar bushing replacement

    I’m replacing old rubber track bar bushing with new poly. Is it best to put front axle on jacks and remove tires, or just leave on ground with tires on? Also, what’s best way to check bolts and wholes for out of round?
  4. triracer67

    Car shipping recommendations

    Just a quick follow up. Best quote and price was NAO auto out of Spokane. 1150 to ship from Seattle to St. Louis. It took four days, car was perfect and arrived in covered carrier. I would definitely use them again.
  5. triracer67

    Short where do I turn

    Had similar issue years ago. Mine turned out to be VR. Kind of stunk because it killed battery dead. I always carry spare solenoid, VR, and points. Seems like these are common failing points…I did discover by isolating electrical components as mentioned above.
  6. triracer67

    First Drive!

    You replace the rockers?
  7. triracer67

    Car shipping recommendations

    This is what we did, car won’t ship for a few weeks so we will see what happens.
  8. triracer67

    Car shipping recommendations

    Son is looking to ship car from Seattle to St. Louis. Anyone have recommendations?
  9. triracer67

    SOLD 1966 u14

    This one? I didn’t sell it yet…
  10. triracer67

    SOLD 1966 u14

    You have an entire corral of Broncos!
  11. triracer67

    What gear ratio for street

    I run 4.56 with 33s, 351w,C4. It’s a blast around town, and pretty good for highway. I run about 3100 rpm’s at highway speeds and have gotten used to the motor singing. Honestly, I think it’s the perfect gear for a cruiser. I do guzzle down some gas…
  12. triracer67

    FL Various Bronco Parts For Sale

    Any chance you still have the intake?
  13. triracer67

    FL Various Bronco Parts For Sale

    Pics of the 351w C9 aluminum intake?
  14. triracer67

    Another longtime Bronco owner passes away

    I learned this evening that Buz Kaido passed away recently. I was fortunate enough to meet with Buz on several occasions and hear his endless stories about collecting, racing, and working on Broncos. The two photos show Buz racing his F100, and his ‘66 race Bronco he built. Story was the ‘66 was...