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NY 1974 Bronco , full hardtop


New Member
Feb 18, 2023
City: Fonda, NY
Price: $ 985

I have a 1974 Bronco Hardtop. Glass all good. It needs a good sandblasting and repairs on front flat plate that bolts to windshield, should be replaced. Bows are down a little but very fixable.im going to fix it if it dont sell but I'm a few yrs from needing it and hate to see it sit and get worse. Not sure on direction I'm going with a top yet. I'm sure I'll kick myself down the road.top is pretty decent and a 3rd of the price of a new one. Thanks and must be picked up. 518-774-3551 is my # level message if I don't answer. Thank You !
Pictures are in my Garage, 74 Bronco build, Grizracing11