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FAQ - I signed up. Why don't I have permission to post?


Just your friendly, neighborhood webmaster...
Jan 1, 2001
Phoenix, AZ
This is probably because you haven't confirmed your email yet.

When you initially register the forum sends an automated email to your email address. You need to open this email and click the link in it to confirm that your email address is valid. Until you do that you will not be able to post messages in the forum.

If you can't find the email it's likely that it was caught by some spam filter or sent to the trash by your email host. Yahoo, Earthlink and AOL accounts are notorious for seeing forum emails as spam and deleting them before you even see them. Please check your trash and spam folders before asking me to resend your activation email.

If you're not sure if your forum account is activated you can easily check. Be sure you are logged in and then go into any forum and look near the bottom left corner. Your posting permissions are listed there. If you haven't confirmed your email your permissions will look like this: