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NEW Bronco site! We welcome your input.


Sr. Member
Nov 30, 2012
See you guys in a well or so. Be a new body lift and hood. Half off for the holiday right? ;)


Bronco Guru
Nov 7, 2003
Firefox ver 16.0.2

Having problems with add to cart. Worked in Chrome. Could be a problem on my end, didn't really spend to much time looking into it.


Thanks for the heads up. I believe the add to cart was the first thing we fixed. I test in chrome (my favorite). We also test explorer and firefox.

Had trouble ordering from my iphone today able to add items okay but when I choose shipping method it says I must enter a zip code, but I can't find a box to type it in. So I'm stuck in the check out process.

We have a specific mobile version but it will be after the first of the year before it's running.

Jim, I'm looking for 57' Olds 88 parts right now!!!%)%)%) But ya'll have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!;D;D;D
See ya'!!!:cool::cool:

http://classicoldsmobile.com/ who would have guessed.;D

I really like the new site, but I am having an odd error with the checkout. I put in all my info and when it got to the confirmation page, before actually submitting the order, it is showing that the shipping is going to be $495 for a total of 574.99 lol. obviously something isnt working right, but Im gonna hold off on submitting the order til I get it figured out, cuz I dont have that kind of money in my bronco account. %)

edit: I went back through and re-entered everything but this time I did the shipping quote on the cart page, and it worked right. So it seems that if you dont do the quote on that page its generating a random amount on the checkout screen.

We think we have a handle on the crazy shipping calculation problem. Something to keep in mind on our site you are never charged at check out we down load and review every order first. Anything that looks odd we will call first.

Thanks, you all are great to work with. We will continue to tweak the site and work out any problems.


Oakland Bronco

Sr. Member
May 13, 2010
San Francisco, CA
Nice refresh, Jim! I like the look and feel of the new site.

I have a request, though I know it is lower priority than some of the other website projects you're working on: While the product category pages show up with the "Per Page" filter defaulted to 48, only 10 products are being displayed per page. Can you have your website guru fix this?

As an example, you have 19 product options available in the Corbeau seat section. With the Per Page filter defaulting to 48, all 19 Corbeau products should appear on the same page. But they are currently being split between two pages (10 + 9). This may seem extremely minor/picky, but since my Bronco caught fire on 9/30, I've been spending a lot of time on your site researching products. And now that the 2-3 month repair is set to start in 10 days, I'm back to doing more research, making a parts list with prices and links, etc. Over the course of an hour or a couple of hours, the above problem adds up to a lot of extra clicks and navigating. It would be faster and a better experience if a user doesn't have to click through several pages to find something within a batch of 20-30 options. Thanks for considering the change.


Bronco Guru
Oct 7, 2012
Two quick small ideas:

Would be nice to have a link to the tracking information directly from your order history. I've been waiting on a package for awhile now, logged on and almost didn't find the track package link. Right now, you have to go to your order history, then open the tracking and copy and paste the order number into there. Would be easy to have it all in the same place.

Also, would be nice to have a list of all your videos in one place. You guys have a lot of helpful info and videos on your site, but not always the easiest to find!