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ADMIN Old automatic payments for "Contributor" status will be cancelled


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Jan 1, 2001
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1/8/2022 - If you previously had upgraded using the "Site Contributor - Renews Automatically" feature, I need to cancel those auto payments through Paypal (because they did not transfer to the new forum software)

This DOES NOT remove your Contributor status immediately. You'll still be good until your current payment expires. (ie. if you upgraded your account June 12th you'll be good until June 12th 2022) It simply means when your subscription is set to expire, you won't get automatically charged for another year through Paypal.

NOTE: This only applies to those who signed up using the "Site Contributor - Renews Automatically" feature. If you paid for 1 or 3 years (not renews automatically) then nothing will change for you. Your Contributor status will expire at the end of your term just like it always has.

If you don't know which upgrade you have or when it expires you can check here: https://classicbroncos.com/forums/account/upgrades

If you have a current upgrade it will be shown at the top with the expiration date highlighted.


If you want to renew your Contributor status you'll need to wait until after your current payment expires. That's new with the new forum software. On the old forum you could pay for another year before your old year expired and it would just tack on the extra time. But the new forum doesn't let you do that, which is a good thing. Some people were paying again without realizing they had already paid and were paying multiple years ahead. The new system will prevent those accidental double payments.

Thanks again to everyone who helps support the site as a Contributor. Let me know if there are any questions.
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El Kabong

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Oct 8, 2009
Thanks for the heads up. I clicked on & plugged in the info for "renews automatically".

Btw, nice work on the new software. The transition was as seamless as could be.
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