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Recent content by MarsChariot

  1. MarsChariot

    Titled wrong year?

    Funny, we had the opposite problem. Had an early 73 that was titled as a 72. Never bothered to change that.
  2. MarsChariot

    Hub cap models

    That is the quintessential Bronco hub cap, the "volcano" hub cap. About every other Bronco that came off the assembly line had that cap. I wish somebody would give me another set to work with!
  3. MarsChariot

    Autobody guys or dent removal specialists, how do I fix this?

    That sort of thing has never worked for me. If it were me, given that it is within striking distance of the carb opening, I would make up a wooden "tool" with a 1/2 sheet of wood, with a smooth radius of maybe 6 -12 " and "work "it out. That cleaner is a solid piece of gold what with the...
  4. MarsChariot

    GIVEAWAY ClassicBroncos.com Giveaway! - Duffs - Modern Door Checks - 2 winners! - Ends 10/8/22

    Add me to the list. Seems like we just had a long thread on here about just this problem....or maybe it was another automotive forum. So many great new products.
  5. MarsChariot

    Fuel sender rear tank

    Most excellent. So remind us where did you get this sender and I want to order one!
  6. MarsChariot

    New Door handle installation

    And you may need to diassemble the handle itself and install the old push button from the original, as many of us have discovered, aftermarket parts being what they are. But that is another issue to be resolved if need be.
  7. MarsChariot

    Fuel sender rear tank

    To be clear on what you mean by "tweaking", are you referring to bending the swing arm up or down? I ask because the ohm range is set by the max-min travel allowable on the unit, which often is incorrect, and cannot be twaeked. I wish it were. Do you mean you know where the full tank position...
  8. MarsChariot

    I noticed that my "guru" status has suddenly reverted to "contributer"

    Yes, of course. By that I meant, it is common, although not universal obviously, so it seemed like that spot could be used for something else. But my point is that that is maybe site-specific information. But it works.
  9. MarsChariot

    Fuel sender rear tank

    That's good. As long as it swings through the whole arc of empty to full it should work, it will just be a little less sensitive with the shorter arm.
  10. MarsChariot

    Bronco paint job

    Now that is depressing. So much for my plans to do a cheap paint job on another vintage vehicle I was planning to paint. The red 71 now, that I went high zoot (media blasted, diaasembled, off the frame blah blah) about 10 years go now and that was back-then-expensive. Now I suspect I would be...
  11. MarsChariot

    Fuel sender rear tank

    I am so tired of the whole replacement fuel sender thing. My new rear tank sender seemed short and worse yet, when I did a study of the ohms, here is what I got. Bacically, the new sender can bever read full and the ohm range is out of wack.
  12. MarsChariot

    I noticed that my "guru" status has suddenly reverted to "contributer"

    On the other hand, thinking about it a little, it does seem that the box with "contributor" is more prominent than it needs to be. Everybody is a contributor pretty much. Seems like that space could be used to better purpose. Don't know what, but it seems secondary.
  13. MarsChariot

    I noticed that my "guru" status has suddenly reverted to "contributer"

    Hmmm, I'm sorry. I remember the header as having the customized title. I guess that brain cell died.
  14. MarsChariot

    I noticed that my "guru" status has suddenly reverted to "contributer"

    It use to be that folks that posted over 1000 posts became gurus. Also the account settings are limited in scope. What happened to that and when did it change?
  15. MarsChariot

    This place used to be...

    Wecome back. I too have been Bronco since the mid-seventies and really enjoyed this site when it showed up. Yes, it's quiet these days, but every now and then somebody posts some new stuff that makes it worth checking in periodically. It seems a lot of dedicated auto forums are quieter these...