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Recent content by thegreatjustino

  1. thegreatjustino

    CA Bronco Toys

    Jadas now added. I have 19 different versions. Two or three of these are available in different packaging for some reason. Same exact toy inside, but different packaging and different wave number.
  2. thegreatjustino

    Tech articles not displaying properly

    Some of them are displaying correctly, but several others are not. Just randomly clicking for a couple of minutes led to finding two more as shown below.
  3. thegreatjustino

    CA Bronco Toys

    Bump, sold a few, still have a bunch left
  4. thegreatjustino

    Gauge cluster rebuild thread??

  5. thegreatjustino

    Tech articles not displaying properly

    All of the tech articles now look odd and none of the photos show up.
  6. thegreatjustino

    Bench seat restore

    Take the seat out and have any decent local auto upholstery shop restore it for you. Fabric, foam, and springs are all things a knowledgeable upholstery guy can tackle.
  7. thegreatjustino

    CA Seat brackets

    What's the bottom right piece from?
  8. thegreatjustino

    NC WTB : Matchbox Texaco Bronco Toy

    Only a few pre-production prototypes. You can see an old auction for one here: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/en-gb/item/3376986_3191-matchbox-collectible-95301-ford-bronco-texaco I'd be curious to know what it sold for, but don't want to join the site.
  9. thegreatjustino

    Article on Vintage SUVs with lots of EB content (including Bajabronco!)

    Doc Brown's Delorean Time Machine...
  10. thegreatjustino

    NC WTB : Matchbox Texaco Bronco Toy

    Doesn't exist. This was a prototype that was never put into mass production.
  11. thegreatjustino

    CA Bronco Toys

    White. The only place I've seen the silver one is on ebay from Australia.
  12. thegreatjustino

    CA Bronco Toys

    Tons of Bronco toys. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Jada, Greenlight I would prefer to do package deals on these, but will sell individual ones. With the cost of shipping even small items being around $5 these days, most individual purchases will be $20 shipped. Will negotiate on package deals. As...
  13. thegreatjustino

    1967 Bronco- advise please

    What linkage are you referring to?
  14. thegreatjustino

    CA T-shifter cover

    T-shifter cover Back two mounting tabs are broken as shown. Gear indicator slides smoothly. Use it as is, try to fix the mounting tabs, or use it for whatever parts you need to scavenge off of it. $40 obo + shipping