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Help me understand Engine Temp and performance


Full Member
Oct 11, 2010
Hey guys can you help me understand engine temp and performance. I realize that running too hot has lots of negatives, but can you err on the cool side? Just trying to figure out if spending money on FlowKooler water pumps and high end radiator has as return if the engine is already runing under 200 degrees.



Bronco Guru
May 22, 2003
I wouldnt bother a lot of people that run flow coolers have actaully had the engine run hotter after install. If your cooling system working correctly now then dont mess with it. Nothing wrong with a good radiator but it doesnt sound like you need it. If you were having issues I would try the radiator first then if nothing else is working go with a pump.

generally cooler engine temps can help build more power but if the engine doesnt get hot your oil will build up acids and water which are bad. generally cooler running engines are subject to more wear. its said that a 160 degree engine temp will double engine wear vs a 180 degree engine temp.
All in all your not going to realize the power gains in a bronco as its not a race vehicle so i wouldnt try to make it run cooler if its not runnng hot now.
Also different engine temps require different tuning so its not just as simple as changing a thermostat to make power.


Grease Monkey
Jun 11, 2007
Ridgefield WA
The most important thing is to get the engine up to a temperature that will vaporize the water. You're not going to boil it out unless the engine gets over 212 degrees but hotter is better to a point. As far as making the engine run better, anything that promotes better fuel atomization is going to help. For example, I have noticed with the cylinder heads, without exhaust heat riser ports, the carburetor doesn't heat up fast enough and the choke needs to be on longer. I noticed a crisper performance when I replaced the 180 degree thermostat with a 194 degree one.