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Recent content by gnsteam

  1. gnsteam

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    Excellent job.
  2. gnsteam

    morning fall....

    Looks right at home next to that pond. Great choice in color and number of doors.
  3. gnsteam

    BAT Craziness

    Todays buyers are more about the "Bling" and modern day performance. I'm and old fart and I find the modern Resto mod more desirable.
  4. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    I will give the cubby buddy a try. LOL. Yes I did see the new coil brackets and I have them ordered. Thanks
  5. gnsteam

    New 1:64 Matchbox Bronco

    Made a casual stop at Walmart this morning and hit the mother load. Notice the blue one in the multipack. A Lubr! I picked up the new Bronco at Hobby Lobby a few days ago, so I through it in the picture. Most days your lucky to find one Bronco, not four. So feeling luck, I purchased lottery...
  6. gnsteam

    TX SS – 1973 Ford Bronco Build

    Looking good.
  7. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Over the last couple of weeks. I pretty much finished up the Dana 44 rebuild. And I have it staged for install under the frame. I'm waiting for the new style spring retainer cups from James Duff. After my initial purchase of the Duck Tuff suspension package in May of 2021. I added the TRO heim...
  8. gnsteam

    NV Misc. Parts in Las Vegas

    Gunderson. I will take your bumpers, and carriers.
  9. gnsteam

    NE James Duff Heavy Duty Lower Spring Retainers

    I have a pair of Very slightly used James Duff, Heavy Duty Lower Spring Retainer for sale. They were on and used on my Bronco for less than 1000 miles. I need to upgrade to the new style retainers with the sway bar attachment feature. Due to change I'm making to my steering linkage. James Duff...
  10. gnsteam

    ICON Tire Carrier Bracket

    Thank you!
  11. gnsteam

    ICON Tire Carrier Bracket

    Hay bronkenn, do you have a build thread for your tire carrier?
  12. gnsteam

    New James Duff Product - Dual Sport Hellwig Sway Bar System

    You are correct. I had forgotten, the TRO kit was a separate item. So I guess, I will be placing an order soon for the new updated coil retainer cups. Thanks Mike.
  13. gnsteam

    New James Duff Product - Dual Sport Hellwig Sway Bar System

    Hey Mike, I have a question. I purchased the Duck Tuff suspension in May of 2021. The kit included the front and rear sway bar kits as they where offered at that time. I also optioned the Heim steer kit. So what I’m reading hear is the under the coil cups mounting at the sway bar end link. Will...
  14. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Today I installed the wheel hubs. I still need to clean up and paint a few caliper parts. And make new hard brake lines. Then it will be ready to go under the frame.