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Ford Bronco Parts - Classic Vintage Early Bronco Parts

Speedometer Rebuild 101

Tech article by Jeepster and filed under - Dash & Guages, Interior

Tech article by Dan Thomas (Jeepster)

For those of you that want to refurbish your Stock Gauge cluster, or want to reset your odometer to reflect a motor rebuild or gauge swap. (Seeing as these Rigs are well over 25 years old, most states usually dont see mileage as an issue on sales and titles…..So when buying an old rig, Let the general condition be your guideline and not what shows on the Odometer. And if you ever sell your vehicle be sure to disclose any modifications you’ve done to the odometer reading.)

9 Responses to “Speedometer Rebuild 101”

  1. rvs57lin Says:

    Dan: Very good tech tips on the Bronco speedometer. However when I took mine apart I had a half moon insert between the glass panel and the shiney panel that you show in your break down. This half moon insert was not mentioned in your article? Also you didn’t mention the turn signal small greem plastic covers. Are these available anywhere?



  2. Jeepster Says:

    Thank you for the compliment. I’m assuming the “1/2 moon insert” is the piece that is between the glass and the speedometer face. From reviewing the photos as I see it, This ring’s purpose is to mask the gages for a finished look. It also holds the two green and 1 red filter. (turn signal and high beam indicator lights) I’m sorry this piece was not mentioned as it was in good shape and didn’t need attention. Other that maybe having to repaint the ring to freshen it up some,which it didn’t need, there was little to do with it.
    Addressing the green filters for the turn signals. From memory I believe they were just a plastic like tape applied over the holes. Not available, I assume, from Ford and I haven’t seen any offered from venders. Not to say that something isn’t out there. Perhaps I would look at any colored cellophane clear tapeof the right color or maybe stage lighting gel filters that one could cut a small piece to affix over the holes.


  3. wayne marks Says:

    Great article. The only thing I would add is that before reassembly, apply two or three drops of three-in-one oil to the speedodometer needle shaft. This will prevent needle bounce as the needle sweeps up.

  4. GraficO Says:

    I replaced the little red & green lenses with the colored translucent plastic from the caps to cinnamon & spearmint mint gum/mint containers… check the grocery store.

    Just trim out a piece and then use hot glue around the edges to cover the hole where it goes. I changed the red high beam to blue (to match my truck)… but i did find the red plastic as well.

    Hope this helps

  5. ryoungbronco Says:

    Thanks for the write up. I followed it step by step and the speedo looks brand-new.

  6. Young Army Vet Says:

    Anyone know where I can get a piece of glass for mine? When I got my 71 the glass was broken.


  7. leadermon Says:

    Young Army Vet..LMC now carries glass.

    Also, when handling the inner metal face plate make (the one with numbers printed on) DO NOT push down so as to interfere with speedo needle rotation. This will cause the very small watch spring (speedo needle return spring) to bind and it will twist in very short order. The speedo “calculates” actual speed via the spring and a counter rotation on the drum at the rear of the unit. These two forces are calibrated and any change in that springs tension will throw off the readings big time!. My speedo had to be sent out to a specialty shop to replace the spring..still waiting to hear how much it’s going to cost for my little mistake.

  8. Hello my new to me 64 f100 - Page 3 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums Says:

    […] then a part. Some people reset the odometer after a major rebuild/restore. Check out this link. Speedometer Rebuild 101 | Tech Articles I would like to restore an '72 or earlier VW Bus. But they are crazy expensive. '64 is my birth […]

  9. smileinc Says:

    For rebuild parts go here…..

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