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Ford Bronco Parts - Classic Vintage Early Bronco Parts

How to Fix a Broken Motor Mount for About $1.00

Tech article by taipeichris and filed under Engine

Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)

For numerous reasons I broke motor mounts in the past, usually I’d find out when I’d hit a bump in the road and the motor jumps up enough to hit the hood. Not cool, right?

Parts and Supplies Needed:

Quantity Parts Description Cost
1 carriage bolt $0.30
1 lock nut $0.20
1 rubber bump stop $0.50
1 washer $0.05

Tools Required

1 socket set
1 drill press
1 drill bits
1 floor jack
1 block of wood

So here’s my fix.

Remove your broken motor mount.

Drill a hole through it, the size depends on your carriage bolt.

Insert a carriage bolt through it with the smooth side up.

Using a rubber bump stop for a dampener, I drilled a hole through the dampener and fastened it with a washer and lock nut.

Grind the head of the carriage bolt flat, just enough to allow clearance.

Reinstall you repaired motor mount and enjoy!

3 Responses to “How to Fix a Broken Motor Mount for About $1.00”

  1. bax Says:

    We are some cheap so and so’s. If you do that much work, why not install a new mount. Many of the new mounts already have the bolt thru the mount trick already done.

  2. taipeichris Says:

    Years ago my Mustang ate motor mounts like a child eating candy. So after asking around an old timer mechanic I met told me this trick. I must have changed out 7 motor mounts before I did this mod and I’ve never had to replace it since. [I didn’t know new mounts are sold with the bolts already installed.]

  3. KyleQ Says:

    Great tip – I’m breaking motor mounts even with the motor tightly chained down with a turnbuckle. I had one new mount last about 15 minutes – :X

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