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Ford Bronco Parts - Classic Vintage Early Bronco Parts

How to straighten a Bronco bumper

Posted by admin in Body on August 25th, 2019 |  No Comments »

Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)

How to straighten a bent factory rear or front bumper with the bumper still installed.

Tools Required:

  • 1 pair safety glasses
  • 1 pair leather gloves
  • 1 medium hand held sledge hammer
  • 2 medium c-clamps
  • 2 large c-clamps
  • 1 Five foot or longer metal bar (4×4, 2×4, c-channel) whatever you have available
  • 1 Three foot long or longer breaker pipe/bar
  • 1 medium sized wood box or milk crate
  • 1 wheel chuck or 1 big rock
  • 2 wood blocks/shims

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Center Console Mount

Posted by admin in Interior on March 4th, 2017 |  No Comments »

Center Console Mounting Bracket in an Early Bronco

Tech article by Mike Kipper (kip60)

After finally fixing the rust in the floorboards, it was time to put everything back in and make sure it fit in the old locations. I had purchased new seats and needed to get them in and also get the console in place. My seat belt holes are in weird locations and interfered with the placement of the console. Searching the forums, I noticed that JAFO had fabricated a bracket that went underneath the console itself to gain some clearance. I decided to take his design a step further and make the bracket solid to increase the rigidity, while bolting to the floor in existing bolt locations. It also allows for adjustability front to back.

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Early Bronco Vent Window Repair

Posted by admin in - Doors, - Windshield, Body on January 28th, 2017 |  No Comments »

Tech article by Bronco-Brian

Transform your broken pivot base back to stronger support than OEM without using rivets. This job takes about 10-minutes once the window is free from the outer housing.

IMPORTANT: Before starting- protect all glass using heavy paper or cardboard so no sparks or weld debris (berries) reach the glass! Wrap the glass and tape it all down tight. Do not remove glass from its steel frame.

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Early Bronco Heat Riser Replacement

Posted by admin in - Carburetor, Engine on January 22nd, 2016 |  No Comments »

Tech article by Mike Kipper (Kip60)

I purchased a mostly original 1970 Sport last year. It didn’t run when I got it. Started with rebuilding the carburetor. Finally got it to run, but a little rich. When I removed the carb, I noticed the heat riser pipes attached were rusted out at the connection to the exhaust manifold. Since it still ran, I chalked it up to extra old stuff and started another project.

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Bronco wheel alignment adventure

Posted by admin in Steering on July 12th, 2015 |  No Comments »

Tech article by Phil Dawson (phldwsnoc1)

After a career of making suspension repairs and improvements to a wide variety of vehicles, it was time to see if I could do the same for my Bronco.  Designed with a single adjustment point for total toe, some creativity is in order when you approach alignment issues on these products.  It’s also important to bear in mind that unless you are doing a pure restoration with original wheel and tires, factory specs may not be at all appropriate to achieve your desired results.  Which, by the way, will be the same for nearly all of us:

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Convert a Mustang 55mm throttle body to a 65mm Explorer

Posted by admin in - Fuel Injection, Engine on January 9th, 2013 |  6 Comments »

Tech article by Chuck (blazinchuck)

Before you can slap that Explorer throttle body on, a few things need to be changed.

  1. The throttle lever is indexed wrong and needs to be swapped with the one from the Mustang.
  2. The Explorer TPS can be used, but the connector plug is wrong and must be changed out with Mustang connector.
  3. The vent tube needs to be re-clocked to match angle of the tube on the Mustang TB. For the throttle lever, I used an angle grinder and ground the tip of the throttle shaft that holds the lever in place.

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Clean Windsheild Braces to Roll Cage

Posted by admin in - Roll Cage, - Soft & Bikini Tops, - Windshield, Body, Interior on September 15th, 2011 |  4 Comments »

Tech Article by Ted Howard (Tedster100)

As I worked on my build I have realized that bracing the windshield to the roll cage is a great idea.  It offers support to the windshield when the top is off and keeps the angle of the windshield correct so the soft top fits snug without pulling the windshield back.  I’ll be running fiberglass doors with removable soft top frames (from Bronco Design) so supporting the windshield is a must.  When I got ready to add the braces I decided that the possible mounting points were limited and created odd angles that just weren’t very clean looking so I set out to create a better mount.

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How to Fix a Broken Motor Mount for About $1.00

Posted by taipeichris in Engine on November 15th, 2010 |  3 Comments »

Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)

For numerous reasons I broke motor mounts in the past, usually I’d find out when I’d hit a bump in the road and the motor jumps up enough to hit the hood. Not cool, right?

Parts and Supplies Needed:

Quantity Parts Description Cost
1 carriage bolt $0.30
1 lock nut $0.20
1 rubber bump stop $0.50
1 washer $0.05

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3 Arm Wiper Set Up Below the Windshield Frame

Posted by taipeichris in - Windshield on September 15th, 2010 |  8 Comments »

Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)

I’ve owned my 66 Bronco since August 2004 and my wipers never did a good job. I live in Los Angeles it really doesn’t rain much but almost every morning the entire car is covered in dew, often covering both the inside and outside of the windshield.

After researching all the options out on the market I wanted my wipers on the bottom of the windshield frame but either the options were too expensive or would place big moving linkage at eye level on the dash.

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License Plate Restoration

Posted by Schreiber in Body on June 13th, 2010 |  8 Comments »

Tech article by Jacob Schreiber (Schreiber)

Although covers almost every Bronco project imaginable, one I’ve never seen is a write-up on restoring original license plates. This is an easy project. I took some pictures while refinishing mine, so why not share?

I found my tag at a local antique shop for $10. I was also fortunate find one with the correct county prefix numbers. Ebay is another good resource when shopping for old tags.

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