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Ford Bronco Parts - Classic Vintage Early Bronco Parts

Rear Seat Rebuild

Tech article by brokenhorse and filed under - Seats, Interior

Tech article by Jared Roeck (Brokenhorse)

This is the way I made my stock rear seat stronger and safer for the little beaners.

First you have to acquire a rear seat, then you have to take it apart, this is the easy part. The armrests are attached with nuts the studs are part of the armrest itself. The rear cushion and bottom cushion are bolted with four bolts each.

After it has been disassembled you can sand blast it or have it wheelbrated somewhere, it will look very clean after it is stripped of paint and rust. Now is the time to check to see if it is square and check for cracks. On the seat that I got with my Bronco I had to weld up one split in the tube frame and then I tapped the tops of the frame together and welded them to the top bar all the way around.

Next you will drill the spot welds out of the top two channels and the four supports on the bottoms of the channels.

Next go to a machine shop with a break. They can make you new cross members for the top of your seat. If you know your shop you can get new ones done cheap. Mine were from scrap so they were free. Oh yeah, I brought out donuts and bought the guys a soda while I was there. The steel they used was 14 ga.

Next you can weld 4 studs to the bottom of your back cross member. This will serve as mounts for your seat belts.

Measure and weld the cross members to the seat frame. This is a good time to check your frame over one last time before getting it ready for paint. My seat had A LOT of tweaking to get done before it was straight. If you look closely at the picture you can see the corners that had to be heated and bent and you can see the long welds that I reinforced on the frame (burn marks on both sides where the tube meets the bottom supports)

When the frame is complete paint it whatever color you want I took mine by my friends paint shop and he let me paint it myself with auto finish (this was free I paid him enough to paint the Bronco he owes me some small stuff 😉 )So far it has all been structural work the hard part is done. Now all I did was call Wet Okole and ordered custom seat covers for the front and rear seats. They go on very easily and look great. All you have to do to mount them is poke little holes in the fabric where your bolts go through, and mount up the pads to the frame.

Turn the seat over and mount your seat belts to the studs you welded on the rear cross member.

Now the arm rests… There are a couple different options here. You can order new ones from a supplier or have your old ones recovered or leave them off all together. If you are going to do this you might want to weld up the holes for the arm rests before you paint the frame. I chose to have my original ones recovered and that is all I am waiting on at this time.The last picture shows the seat completed with arm rests from Bronco Parts. They are very nice people to work with.

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